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The text image from Project 1.2 is the basis for Project 1.3. Working with the main words from the text image, we had to create a photo montage that further developed the theme of the text image. The images had to come from a variety of sources and the photo montage had to incorporate only 3-5 images.

My main theme from the text image, Electronic Workers, could be interpreted as robotic entities or a human/robot composite (not unlike a Borg). I decided to explore the human composite idea in my montage. While no “electronics incorporated into a human” appears in the image, the idea is implied through the the visible nerves in the boy on the left and the plugged in brain of the child on the right. Nerves are the electrical system of the body, thereby encompassing the idea of electronic workers. The wind turbines provide a forward thinking view, i.e. clean, alternative energy.

What would happen if electronic workers were developed? Would they be formed into an army by people wanting to control society? Would they also still be considered human? If considered human, would they still have any humanity left? I raise the army issue with the addition of the picture of the troops (never mind that they are female). The children passing a flower between the them addresses the question of the retention of humanity.

Finally, the look of the words “THE POWER!” reminded me of the political propaganda posters from the 1930s and 1940s. I kept them in the montage (they were part of the wind turbine image) to convey the feeling of a propaganda poster and imply the creation of an army of electronic workers for the greater good.