Project 1.2 built on the final solution for Project 1. For Project 1.2, I had to find a classified ad that added to or enhanced the visual imagery from Project 1. The ad had to be placed on the original image in a way that would not detract from and hopefully would enhance the original image. Then, I had to use the content of the ad to create a complementary image that would extend the idea/content of the original image. The complementary image could use only the content from the classified ad, but content could be repeated, if need be.

I found an employment ad for a company looking for “electronic assembly workers.” I realize the intent of the ad was to find workers to assemble electronics, but it was clearly stated that the need was for electronic workers. How could I pass that up? I then changed the text in the ad to create computer code that would give the impression that the “perfect” workers were being assembled – workers that were focused and not lazy, short, or required payment.

Below is my final solution for Project 1.2. (Click on the images to view larger size):

ART 260 Project 1.2a ART 260 Project 1.2b